Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sam Covers The Supremes

I's been awhile. But I'm confident that all will be forgiven after you watch the following. I give you my nephew, Sam:

Untitled from meghan on Vimeo.


Teresa said...

I love it!!!

Jen said...

All is definitely forgiven :) That is too cute!

Lisa said...

Oh my God!! The most adorable thing EVER!!!

Julia said...

You're alive!

And that was almost too much cuteness to handle.

Meghan said...

oh my god! he is such a cutie!! :)

N. said...

Awww... too cute!!

Now, don't let so much time go by before your next post!!! :)

Preston said...

Hi Meghan, Matt, Louie and Desmond,

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Louie and Desmond's cousin is sure a very adorable hooman pup!
Louie and Desmond, you are very cute too! Thanks for reminding my mommy how nice it is to have a brother!

Preston the Puggle

Maria said...

Ha ha ha!!! He's a natural performer. Too cute!